Welcome to Legobox

We are a collection
of Projects and SideProjects developed and contributed to
by Mozartted.
He's a little bit obsessed ♚.

Hello There

We are Legobox

This is a collection of projects (products) and sideprojects developed by mozartted on his journey to becoming a pro developer, he's okay

Products in Development
cups of coffee
Open Source Projects

What Do These Projects Focus On

projects and packages can range from devops, saas services, to devops tools

♠︎ Web Apps

Basically at the core these are the various webapps created to solve particular problems, depending on what's needed

♝ Tools

These include projects and programs written as solution sets to problems unique to developers and development settings.

♛ Design

With respect to design, we take out time to come up with user oriented and well crafted designs, cause users sure love a good design.

♞ Apis and Services

A bulk of the project in progress are deeply involved in building api and api-centric systems.

♥︎ DevOps and Maintannce

Once ready to deploy we go the extra mile in managing your deployment pipeline making sure ensure no downtime

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works

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